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Why We’re Different

We understand that our clients are unique individuals with different financial challenges. As advisors, we strive to be as different as our clients are, providing personalized solutions to successfully conquer their challenges. We realize it’s not enough to simply offer expert strategy. Encompass Life & Wealth Strategies possesses three major distinctions that set us apart from other advising firms.

A multi-generational, multi-gender team of advisors who know the importance of family.

At Encompass Life & Wealth Strategies, we treat our clients as an extension of our family, standing by them every step of the way on their financial journey. Being a multi-generational, multi-gender team, we bring diverse perspectives to our practice, offering various communication and education styles to best fit our unique clients’ needs while relating to them on a variety of levels.

A team of lifelong learners.

It’s extremely important to us as a firm to continually educate ourselves in the financial sphere and stay current on changes in the industry as well as in related industries. This ensures that we’re providing clients with the most evolved level of service, helping them make informed decisions based on their needs.

Our dedication to growth is not limited to the financial realm. We also strive to enrich ourselves as individuals with strides toward self-improvement and personal growth, realizing that who we are as individuals impacts how we service our clients.

Your one-stop shop for all things financial.

In addition to keeping current with industry education, we also make professional connections and referrals within the industry. This enables us to be your central resource and one-stop shop for all things financial.